Something In The Air

There’s something in the atmosphere
A methane sort of smell—
Cos once again, Republicans
Are shitting in the well

As they roll back regulations,
Let the methane vapors spew
And pollute the public commons
(That’s “our air” to me and you)

All the locals are against it
While the industry is for
(You can guess whose side Trump takes, in this
Environmental war)

Maybe Trump thinks folks won’t notice
Maybe Trump thinks folks won’t care
But I think this time, it’s different…
There’s just something in the air.

From the first link above:

As Congress prepares to strike down an Obama administration rule limiting natural gas releases on public lands, Western communities banking on federal protections against methane venting and flaring are concerned the regulation they fought for years to implement will soon disappear into thin air.

Republicans in Congress are invoking their authority under the Congressional Review Act to repeal rules finalized during President Obama’s last months in office, including several regulations opposed by the energy industry. The Senate yesterday voted to kill an Interior Department rule designed to protect waterways from coal mining pollution, and it began debate on a second measure that would kill a Securities and Exchange Commission anti-corruption rule requiring disclosure of oil and gas industry payouts to governments (E&E News PM, Feb. 2).

The House today considers a resolution that would wipe from the books the Bureau of Land Management’s Methane and Waste Prevention Rule, which aims to prevent methane venting, flaring and leakage during oil and gas production.

Privatize profits, and spread costs (health, environment, etc.) to the public. How on earth did the GOP (and the Donald) ever frame themselves as populists?


  1. StevoR says

    @ ^ naturalcynic : They sure did. Lied big, lied often and told the fact checkers to go away and shut up. They’re still doing that and too many fools are still falling for it sadly.

    Great rhyme as alwasy spot on I could be really pedantic and note that I think its technically hydrogen sulphide (or another chemical?) that makes farts stink but , nah, that’d be missing the point and poetic licence granted!

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