The So-Called President

As we watch the so-called President
He speaks his so-called mind
Tweeting out his so-called wisdom
That his so-called experts find

Watch him go to so-called breakfast
To recite a so-called prayer;
Run his tiny so-called fingers
Through his golden so-called hair

Watch him sign his so-called orders
Meant to kill the so-called laws
Pissing off the so-called people
Who point out his so-called flaws

Watch him tout his so-called landslide
(This, despite that so-called fraud)
Watch him use his so-called mandate
Like the so-called Wrath Of God

Watch him change the so-called country
Watch him break the so-called rules;
In the name of so-called freedom,
Watch him gut our so-called schools

In the search for so-called safety
Watch him rock the so-called boat…
Fuck the so-called constitution
And your so-called right to vote

Cuttlecap tip to Nick Hanauer on twitter.


  1. StevoR says

    Nicely writ and spot on.

    Just one suggested edit in the hope it helps – I’d change that “Or” in the last sentence to “And” instead.

  2. Cuttlefish says

    Ooh, you are right.

    I actually thought about that, but a literal “right to vote” is one of those things that people argue about, not being explicitly, separately delineated. But, yeah, if you see it too…

  3. Die Anyway says

    I have permanently moved to using so-called-President Trump. So much so that it is now the recommended phrase in the text suggestion line as soon as I type “so-“.

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