Oh, North Carolina…

We have to prune the registries
Of enemies of note—
What sort of country would we have
If everyone could vote?

The Democrats, the radicals,
Minorities, and such—
Imagine the calamity!
It isn’t asking much

The patriotic duty of
Each woman and each man
To trim the list of enemies—
As many as we can.

We push each technicality,
And watch the numbers fall…
Yes, things will run much smoother, when
We needn’t vote at all!

Via every news source out there, North Carolina’s voter restrictions have been struck down by the Federal Court of Appeals for the 4th district (link is to the decision itself). NC, it seems, examined all of the various elements intended to make voting easier, and then voted to eliminate any of them that were mostly used by black voters. It’s as if the justification for the repeal of those bits of the voting rights act were unfounded, and that voting restrictions are intended to support a racist infrastructure.

This verse is from 2012, when the restrictions first went into place. Nice to see them removed in time for the upcoming election. Well, nice, unless you have some reason to want to keep black people from voting. So keep your eyes out for NC political news, and you’ll be able to see the easiest-to-spot (but not all) of the racist politicians, pundits, and powers that be.


  1. Pierce R. Butler says

    Marcus Ranum @ # 1 – Wossamatta, don’t you want the White Hats™ to win the Election to End All Elections?

  2. coragyps says

    Here in Texas the courts overturned the anti-Mexican and anti- black voter ID laws, and the Republicans started hollering about voter fraud. They have prosecuted maybe two cases of voter fraud in the last twenty years….
    My wife works elections, and the standard practice is to let the County Judge’s mom vote, even though she let her driver’s license expire in 2003.
    She obviously votes R, after all.

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