Condemning While Endorsing

Donald Trump cannot be trusted—
See how quickly he explodes!—
Just imagine, him with access
To the nation’s warhead codes!
He’s unfit to hold the office
By unanimous report…
I denounce his every action,
But I give him my support.

I’ve condemned his stupid statements
I’ve acknowledged all his lies
I’ve detached him from our party
Every way I can devise;
I’ve denounced his rabid rhetoric
With vigor and with force…
He remains the only candidate
I’m happy to endorse.

He’s insulting to our veterans;
He’s well beyond the pale;
He’s been pleaded with, and yelled at,
But it’s all to no avail;
He has never once apologized—
At least, that I remember…
And of course, he is the candidate
I’ll vote for, come November.

They try to square the circle—
It’s impossible, of course—
With rhetorical gymnastics:
“I support, but don’t endorse”
They assert, as each new blunder
Sets the media abuzz,
“Donald doesn’t represent us!”
But that’s just the thing… he does.

Stanza 1: Marco Rubio
Stanza 2: Paul Ryan
Stanza 3: John McCain
Stanza 4: Kelly Ayotte (and McCain reprise)


  1. Pierce R. Butler says

    Consider the Republican presidential nominees for this century:

    2000: Ignorant ‘n’ mean.
    2004: Ignorant ‘n’ mean.
    2008: They flip the ticket: mean ‘n’ ignorant.
    2012: Back to ignorant ‘n’ mean (specifically, wealthily oblivious & oligarchically technocratic, but the outline stays the same).
    2016: I & M again, both running mates displaying both traits.

    And Ted Cruz is already warming up for 2020!

  2. says

    There is a better choice.
    Give Gary Johnson an equal voice.
    He’ll be on the ballot in all 50 states —
    He belongs in the presidential debates.
    If you ask, he doesn’t go to church
    Though for some sort of god he’ll search.
    An honest man of principle and smart,
    Climbing mountains is his art.
    If you love liberty, Gary is your man,
    So this year vote Libertarian.

  3. StevoR says

    @ ^ memehunter :problem is a vote for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein is, in reality, effectively a vote for Trump. Please reconsider and vote Hillary Clinton because sadly, it is a two horse race. Don’t like it – well, please consider some electoral reforms like preferential voting, I reckon you badly need them. But meanwhile vote Hillary because the alternative is Trump.

    Donald Trump cannot be trusted—
    See how quickly he explodes!—
    Just imagine, him with access
    To the nation’s warhead codes!

    One of those who has to fire The Missiles has been doing just that and tweets about it here :

    Seriously scary stuff. I’ve been to Hiroshima and the Genbakendomu – the museum and peace park for the Bomb. The thought of Trump with the power to use Nukes is appalling.

    Please USA vote wisely. Please.

  4. Cuttlefish says

    I’ve had Libertarian friends–even one who ran for public office–and even once took a political attitude quiz that says I align best with Libertarian views. I found it strange, because my academic work has long convinced me that people *need* the scaffold of deliberate structure and planning that Libertarians abhor. Free market competition has no safety net, no way to save, say, Kansas from creationist stealth board members rendering their students unfit for higher education. It allows ignorance to lead to actual harm when pockets of the population decide they don’t want to vaccinate. Retirement? “I’ve got mine, screw you.” The invisible hand of the market only leads to apparent progress by culling out the disadvantaged. It is great for people like me, but I care about people who are not like me as well.

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