Kim Davis Freed

Praise the Lord! Sing Hallelujah!
These are wondrous times indeed!
In a test of God’s omnipotence,
Kim Davis has been freed!

Since licenses were issued
In her absence, by some clerk,
She was largely deemed irrelevant—
They sent her back to work.

She vows, though, with her lawyer,
(And with Huckabee and Cruz?)
She plans to fight the law again
(And if she does, she’ll lose)

We’re gonna need more popcorn. Kim Davis’s idiot attorney keeps talking about “reasonable accommodations” that could possibly be made such that Davis could continue doing her government job while continuing to treat some of her constituents differently than others, in violation of her oath of office (and, in practice, in violation of both religious clauses of the first amendment).

Maybe Rowan County can have separate (but equal, natch) doors, and drinking fountains, and dining areas… somewhere where Davis doesn’t have to interact with them. I dunno, probably someone will whine about being treated like second-class citizens, and poor, put-upon Kim Davis will be bound by her conscience to tell them “yes–yes you are not deserving of my signature.”

Her conscience had her go to jail rather than do her job. It won’t, though, have her resign. Yet, at least.

(I have a friend who was a conscientious objector. He refused alternative service, on the grounds that his doing that job freed up another person to go to Vietnam. Rather, he went to jail, obligating someone to stay here guarding him. I suspect Davis does not want to resign in part because that way she would no longer be able to block marriages.)

If her conscience will not allow her to do her job, she needs to review her oath of office. If she cannot do her job, she has two choices–one of which she just tried for a weekend.


  1. CatMat says

    A freedom is diff’rent for those who are driven
    Her freedom was lately quite publicly gone
    To do what she swore to do still isn’t given
    The lines are still where they were solemnly drawn.

  2. otrame says

    I suspect that one of the reasons she won’t resign is that the chances that she will be able to get another job in that county that pays $80k a year are slim to none.

  3. CatMat says

    Is this form still game?

    Kim Davis’ grade
    of judicial aide
    dismay on
    tion was displayed

  4. EigenSprocketUK says

    @DanDare #4: that link doesn’t seem to work without first registering (or installing apps). But your text description nails it beautifully.

  5. says

    Kim Davis’s idiot attorney keeps talking about “reasonable accommodations” that could possibly be made

    As I believe was pointed out on All In with Chris Hayes last night, these accommodations had been made — her deputies could issue the licenses. She refused such an accommodation. Which goes to your point that she probably doesn’t want to leave office because then she couldn’t block the issuing of licenses. Which would suggest she doesn’t want accommodations.

  6. says

    @4 There is also the realistic situation with the Muslim flight attendant that has been in the news. How do you accommodate a flight attendant because there may only be one or two assigned to a section of seats.

  7. StevoR says

    Now she’s all popular or something with the rethug wannabe POTUSes hence this :

    Huck or Cruz or Santorum?

    They’re in a biding war.
    To get as veep,
    that Davis cheap
    Who homophobes adore!

    A marriage made in heaven
    Coz she tells others “go to hell!”
    Thing is, we know,
    this jailbird slow
    She sure do effin’ smell!

    (Yeah I’m not The Digital Cuttlefish, still..)

    Hope you like it and thanks for the inspiration and rhymes.

  8. StevoR says

    @7. Leo Buzalsky : Sometimes you have to say either chose to do your job or if your religion gets that much in the way choose to resign or not take the job in the first place.

    Not familiar with the case you refer to but Kim Davis needs to pick one of those pronto.

  9. Die Anyway says

    I would love to see Mrs. Davis go to renew her driver’s license and an Orthodox Jewish clerk tell her that his sincerely held religious belief is that women shouldn’t drive and he will therefor not issue her a license. Boom… another head explosion.

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