No Black Mass For Harvard…

After quite a bit of back-and-forth, Harvard does the wrong thing. Well worth watching, if head-bangingly frustrating.

My favorite quote, of course, is from a Harvard Senior (and, I am guessing, Catholic), who noted “I am very pleased that my religion is not going to be desecrated or my gender objectified or my university embarrassed by these actions”… showing that even at Harvard, we cannot expect people to understand either A) the Satanist view of gender, or B) her own Catholic view.

Those pin-headed libruls at Harvard discovered*
American values they didn’t expect.
In Harvard’s array of fine classes, Black Masses
Are never included—it’s simple respect!
Why, Boston is Cath’lic, and Satan keeps waitin’,
He won’t be invited, and that’s for the best
The devil and “Cultural Studies” are buddies
But this isn’t culture, it’s purely hate-fest

It’s good that the Satanists’ voices, their choices,
Are silenced in favor of Catholic rule
It’s Harvard—alternative viewpoints are new points,
And freedom of speech isn’t taught at this school.
The students at Harvard object to a sect, to
A viewpoint that treats them as less than they are
The Catholic Church, though, keeps trying, denying
That women are equal… at least, not so far.

*this counts as a rhyme, courtesy of Tom Lehrer’s “The Elements”.


  1. Bruce says

    I think one early form of Christianity believed that the supernatural being who is the main character of the old testament was essentially lying about who was the good one and who was the evil one. In other words, that everyone else has it backwards. Under this theory, if those Christians had dominated and become the “true” Christians, then maybe most Americans would revere the character known as Satan as being the true good Master of the Universe. And that Yahweh or Elohim was the evil one.
    Of course, in reality there is no evidence either way.
    In the Bible there is only the old testament and the new testament. So that literary series cannot have as much internal corroborative evidence as does the seven-volume series that addresses the long-contested question of whether or not the world had a good or evil lord in the character of Harry Potter.
    One might think it could be enough to prompt people to refuse to believe that any of these unsubstantiated options are actually true. Is there a difference between thinking that it is just a story, or thinking that one is an atheist with respect to the supernatural powers of any of these characters?
    How many Harvard theologians does it take to decide which literary characters are dancing on the head of their pin?

  2. billyeager says

    @Bruce Absolutely. Today I will be mostly paraphrasing the famous line from ‘The Usual Suspects’ as, “The greatest trick The Church ever pulled was convincing the world The Devil was the bad guy”.

  3. Kevin Kehres says

    One form of superstitious nonsense winning out over another form of superstitious nonsense.

    I wonder if the RCs are going to make similar complaints about a wiccan ceremony. Or Hindu. Or anything other than a Catholic mass.

    Dangerous precedent that — caving in.

  4. Randomfactor says

    The greatest trick the Church ever pulled was convincing the world the Devil wasn’t just Jehovah with a stick-on goatee.

  5. busterggi says

    You wouldn’t catch Skull & Bones backing down at Yale over this.

    Or maybe they’re a bad example.

  6. AndrewD says

    You are thinking of the Gnostics but there have been other dualist “Heresies”, the delightfully named Bogomils(in Bulgeria and Rumania) and the Cathars(in southern france and northern Italy). Both were medieval, the Gnostics were 1st century, but there are stll Gnostic churches in operation.Tryu Google.

  7. Matt G says

    Gardengnome@7- if people were rebelling against the hierarchy left and right and leaving in droves, you might be insecure too!

  8. =8)-DX says

    Gender objectified? What? And they specifically stated they wouldn’t be desecrating the magic wafer… so much fail.

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