Today Is Limerick Day?

I’ve been busy–I only just heard–
They’ve been horrid at spreading the word
But it’s limerick day!
(I’ve just one thing to say…
Just one day? Why, the thought is absurd!)

Thanks to commenter “williamhumenansky”, I hear that today is Limerick day (Edward Lear’s birthday, appropriately, although Lear’s limericks are actually not very good limericks for the most part). I have written well over a thousand limericks, over the past two or three lifetimes, and that makes me an absolute lightweight when compared to the good folks over at the OEDILF. The Omnificent English Dictionary In Limerick Form is a thing–a very real thing, and a very cool thing. And, actually, a thing that could use your help, if you happen to be a fan of limericks.


  1. Pierce R. Butler says

    Alas, am way too weary to attempt limerickization this evening.

    The OEDILF section on Christian Heresies provides entertaining food for thought for the whole family!

  2. Joan says

    Saw your post for a limerick desired
    But alas, I am just too damned tired.
    Though your motives are pure
    I must sadly demur.
    At this hour I remain uninspired.

  3. zackoz says

    I’ve missed it, by the way,

    But I should quickly say

    Whether short or long

    Whether right or wrong

    *Every day* is limerick day.

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