The Second Song

My iTunes is set on “shuffle”
I like it much better this way
I’ll listen to one, cos I want to,
But I don’t know the next that will play

I sometimes engage in obsessing–
A song will get stuck in my head–
And I think I will know what comes after,
And a different song plays, instead

And it shakes up the way that I’m thinking
It’s a virtual kick in the butt
And I’m off in a brand new direction
When I might have been stuck in a rut.

So I give it my recommendation
As a way you can shake up your brain
Put your musical whatsit on “shuffle”
And enjoy the perspective you gain!

So, yeah, I wanted to hear a particular song. This one, actually. But I had no idea what would come up next, and what did… just turned my evening right-side-up. (It happened to be a Tom Waits song, but with my music collection, that would happen to be the best odds.)

And the last time I listened to the former song… (this was recently, or I likely would not have remembered), it was followed by something completely different. As with the time before that. Were it not for my obsessive listening to the first song over the past few days, I don’t think I’d have noticed.

But there are times when the second song comes on (or the third, or fourth, so long as you keep listening) and it just makes you laugh. Or cry. Or dance. Or whatever it is that that song does, that nothing else in the world can quite do the same way.

Choose excellent music, and put your music-thingamajiggers on “shuffle”. Too much of life is predictable anyway.

So…ever have a song come on unexpectedly and just rock your world?


  1. katkinkate says

    I agree completely. Just remember to turn it off when you want to listen to a recorded book if it’s broken up in parts. The story can get hard to follow.

  2. says

    I immediately sang that to the tune of ‘My Bonnie’ It needs a chorus.
    What’s up? Next up!
    Now what will it play next for me, for me?
    What’s up? Next up?
    Now what will it play next for me?

  3. thebookofdave says

    When I spotted your blog post title, I thought you were talking about this. What I encountered instead, was the unexpected.

  4. nich says

    So, yeah, I wanted to hear a particular song. This one, actually.

    “Content Blocked By Your Organization” is my favorite song ever! That, or that link goes to some website my employer doesn’t like for whatever reason…

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