Live Same-Sex Wedding To Be Part Of New Year’s Tournament Of Roses Parade

At the Tournament Of Roses,
There’s a wonderful parade
Where the floats are not just beautiful,
They’re very strangely made:
Every inch of them is covered
With a flower, leaf, or twig;
They must hide the float’s machinery—
Each lever; every rig—
It’s a grand show of technology,
A flowered tour de force,
And it’s televised to millions
Every New Year’s Day, of course
For a hundred years they’ve done it
(And a handful more, as well)
But this year there’s something different,
So the whole thing goes to hell.
It’s been flowers and designers
Since the Tournament’s first day,
But there’s going to be a float this year
That turns the whole thing gay!

The beginning of the New Year is the end of the world, or so it seems to the Christian News Network. You see, they have horrible news:

PASADENA, Calif. – Two homosexual men are set to ‘wed’ on New Year’s Day during the historic Tournament of Roses parade, as they ride a float sponsored by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

Congratulations! Danny Leclair and Aubrey Loots are getting married!

According to reports, Leclair and Loots will ride a wedding cake-shaped float themed “Dreams come true,” which will also bear the motto “Love is the best protection,” referring to the global AIDS epidemic. The AIDS Healthcare Foundations says that the float is meant to demonstrate “the role marriage can play in reducing HIV infections among gay men.”

The Christian News Network, of course, is opposed to their marriage. It is an affront to God, it displays sin, it something something … reasons. Apparently, they would rather have unstable relationships and HIV infections, because God loves… sick or dead people, apparently.

Anyway, the comments at the CNN are either hilarious or depressing, depending on how seriously you take them. Especially the letters of complaint people have written to the Tournament of Roses people, expressing offense on the part of themselves and God.

You might want to make a New Year’s resolution to never read the comments again.


  1. ekwhite says

    I plan to watch the Rose Bowl parade for the first time in years because of the wedding.

  2. mary says

    I watched the parade on TV. Not all the floats were shown as some went by the TV stand during commercials. The AIDS Healthcare Foundation float was one of those. I saw it coming behind one of the others and then there was a commercial. The commentators said nothing about it or the wedding.

  3. Cuttlefish says

    It must have made it to *some* TV coverage (I was not home, so I can’t verify), because Paula Poundstone was live-tweeting the broadcast (or *a* broadcast) and mentioned it (approvingly, of course) a few times.

  4. magistramarla says

    I saw the float on the station that I was watching. Apparently, the ceremony had taken place just before the float turned the corner and came into view of the camera. I got to see the big kiss at the end of the ceremony. I wish that I could have seen the actual ceremony. The lady who was officiating had the biggest smile – she was lovely.

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