Starting The New Year Right

So I just ran my first 5K. It was… cold, but not as cold as yesterday–double digits today!

But that’s not what I mean by starting the New Year right.

I’ve heard it said that one of the best ways to get better at something is to find someone who is doing it better than you are, and watch them. And in pretty much every aspect of my life, I have someone I can point to and say “that’s the one”. My brother was one such person; if more people were like him (read: If *I* were more like him), the world would be a better place. Actually, I can say the same about my other brother.

And there is one person who stands out in both my online and meatspace life, who continually astonishes me by how much she does. And does well. And works at doing better. And one of the great things about being her friend is, I get to see how much more she does that most people don’t know about (In the words of Harry Truman, it is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit). I refer, of course, to my dear friend Kylie, of Token Skeptic fame–here, take a look at just this year.

I’m starting the New Year right–Kylie has a new project, a new podcast series, “Urban Legendary”. My second step (the 5K was first) in starting this year is to subscribe to her podcast (via that last link), an investment I am certain will pay dividends throughout the year. Some things are well worth encouraging. (and hey, maybe I’ll be on a podcast one of these days!)

I also have a small amount of money, the proceeds from the (War on) Christmas book, that needs to be donated to a charity. I have narrowed my choices to two, but they differ fundamentally, so I’ll ask you–metaphorically speaking, one group puts out fires, and the other plants seeds. One group reacts to current problems, and the other works to prevent future problems. So, fires, or seeds?

Oh, and you can still buy the Christmas book, if you want to support whichever charity is chosen… and you can still buy my book (or the old book) if you think *this* place is worth encouraging.

And Happy New Year to you, one and all! Now I gotta run… I have a podcast to support.


  1. CatMat says

    Realistically speaking, a group reacting to current problems is likely to have a higher visiblity than a group working to prevent future problems.

    Given that I’d say seeds, they are more likely to need it.

    While it’s easy to simply opine
    That whichever choice made would be fine
    There’s always the view
    That when choosing twixt two
    A stitch in time tends to save nine.

    (it scans in my head but then English is not my native language)

    Happy Orbit!

  2. zackoz says

    I started the New Year right!

    In the letterbox just after Christmas was……the Cuttlefish omnibus.

    I’m looking forward to dipping into it, reading (or in many cases rereading) all those wonderful verses.

    Happy 2014 to Cuttlefish and to all you hold dear; let’s hope for many more verses to come.


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