Today I Am Six Years Old

The Digital Cuttlefish Blog, that is. 10/10/07 marked my first four posts on the olde blogge, including one that was probably the comment that earned my Molly award that month. Come to think of it, that first month also has a verse that was in the book of best science blogging for that year. Not a bad month, all in all.

It’s also World Cuttlefish & Squid Day (10/10, for us ten-appendaged critters, like the 8th was World Octopus Day). So what better day to spend exploring the archives, and looking for forgotten gems and well-forgotten detritus.

Happy blogoversary to mee.. happy blogoversary to meeeeee….

Looking back those six long years, to the verses that commenced it,
Who would have thought I’d still be here? I would have bet against it.
So, to my muses–the politicians, creationists, and cranks–
And to, of course, my readers… I am humbled. Really, thanks!


  1. Johnny Vector says

    Digital cuttlefish
    Thanks for the writing
    And making it free.

    While I respect that you
    Say it ain’t poetry
    I disagree.

  2. Anna O'Connell says

    Now that you’re six
    You’re as welcome as ever
    When you write verses
    We think are quite clever!

    Happy Blogoversary and many more to come.

  3. says

    Huzzah to Digital Cuttlefish!

    In just a half a dozen years
    Of laughs and chuckles, sobs and tears
    The Cuttlefish has penned a-plenty.
    Imagine the output when he’s twenty!
    Blog on, flog on, no ox ungored
    Till sense and reason be restored.

  4. Trebuchet says


    Being six makes you about two years older than the behavioral age of the Republicans in Congress, who are currently holding their breath until they turn blue.

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