Two-Year-Old Boy Carries Unborn Twin

It’s rare, of course, but not unheard of. This recent case from China:

…reminds me of the last time I visited this subject, thanks to Shelley at Retrospectacle (now defunct), when the muse was a… unique… knitting project.

“Teratoma”, or “Knit me a Sister”.

“I have an invisible friend”, I said,
“But she doesn’t hide beneath my bed,
Or in my closet–no, instead,
I keep her tucked inside.”

“We do not mean to condescend,
But we all know, there’s no such friend;
This fabrication now must end.”
My Mom and Dad replied.

“But Mommy! Daddy! Please, I swear!
She’s closer than my teddy bear!
See my tummy? She’s in there!
I even feel her growing!”

My parents didn’t scream or shout;
They trusted me, despite their doubt,
And had a doctor check me out
When something started showing!

My friend was real! I hadn’t lied!
At first, my twin, but then she died.
The doctors cut me open wide
And shoveled out my basement.

I never knew I had a sister,
But once my friend was gone, I missed her;
So, knitting till she raised a blister
My Mom made a replacement!


  1. left0ver1under says

    It doesn’t surprise that stories like these most often seem to come from China or India. With populations over a billion each, the chance of birth defects (e.g. conjoined twins) is much higher than in a country with small population, even without considering genetic or environmental factors (e.g. toxic chemicals from lower safety standards in industries).

    I’m not trying to put ideas in their heads, but it surprises me that fundy christians don’t use this (or don’t use it more) to insult those countries and proselytize to them for their religions and lack thereof, to say it was “god’s punishment” for abortion and selective abortion. I wouldn’t put it past them.

  2. busterggi says

    Now does the born-again crowd consider that twin a person or just a partially assembled collection of parts?

  3. opposablethumbs says

    @left0ver1under – if the toddler had been a girl, fundy xtians would probably have wanted to insist that the foetus not be removed at all.

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