Bible Proves: No Such Thing As Atheists

“What defines an atheist?” The question gives me grief;
Do they actively deny my God, or merely lack belief?

I’m told that I should ask one, but I think that’s rather odd—
There’s no need to ask the godless when I’ve got the word of God!

There’s a line in Psalm 14 on what the fool says in his heart,
So we know that they are foolish, but that’s only just the start—

There’s a couple lines in Romans, showing God won’t be denied,
So the simple explanation is… the atheists have lied!

If you want an honest answer, then you have to ask the King:
Some claim they’re non-believers, but there’s really no such thing.

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Headline Muse, 7/30

Though we don’t know the fallout just yet
A sure thing is no more a safe bet
It shook up a swing state—
At this very late date—
The withdrawal of Steve LaTourette

Headline: GOP moderate from Ohio quitting his seat. Is he punishing his party?

Potentially leaving his party in the lurch, Rep. Steven LaTourette (R) of Ohio is set to announce his retirement at the end of this term, the Columbus Dispatch and The Hill newspaper reported Monday evening.

He was a sure thing, in a swing state. Now, the deadline for announcing a candidate for the upcoming race is August 8th. If LaTourette officially announces before then, Republicans are up against a wall. If the official announcement is later, they get to simply choose a replacement candidate. Either way, a swing state loses momentum in a serious way.

I grew up in Ohio, in lots of different places. In this past election, every county I lived in in Ohio… went for Santorum. I’d be happy to see a sea-change in the Buckeye state.


Now, I know there are some FtBers who don’t much care about the Olympics. They are, of course, wrong.

So this is a pro-Olympics thread, where y’all can throw your observations. I’ll also just tuck a little Olympian eye candy in here–I have not yet managed to make it to the Olympic games, but I did race (and lose) at the Olympic stadium. Not an Olympic stadium, the stadium at Olympia. [Read more…]

Kick-Ass Cuttlefish!

Courtesy of Ray (rude-ass yankee), the latest pics of the cuttlefish emblem in the wild. After the jump, in deference to those who have them there RSS feeds or whatever. (Ok, the truth is I don’t even know what an RSS feeder is, or even if that is what it is called, and I really don’t know if keeping pics below the jump is helpful to them, but my poor memory tells me that I heard, once upon a time, that it’s the right thing to do. If anyone knows, please let me know, and I will try to do the right thing.) Anyway… [Read more…]