Kick-Ass Cuttlefish!

Courtesy of Ray (rude-ass yankee), the latest pics of the cuttlefish emblem in the wild. After the jump, in deference to those who have them there RSS feeds or whatever. (Ok, the truth is I don’t even know what an RSS feeder is, or even if that is what it is called, and I really don’t know if keeping pics below the jump is helpful to them, but my poor memory tells me that I heard, once upon a time, that it’s the right thing to do. If anyone knows, please let me know, and I will try to do the right thing.) Anyway…

That’s right–cuttlefish biker! I’ve seen lots of messages on helmets, but (full disclosure: I’m biased) this is by far the coolest of them all.
Cuttlefish Helmet!

And it’s not just the helmet–for those times when doors, a roof, and windows are necessary… Ray is still properly covered:

Thanks, Ray!


  1. Ray, rude-ass yankee says

    Caerie, Rage Flail@1,
    I hope everyone I share the road with will think so too! I’m going to try take it out for a ride to work tomorrow and see.

  2. Emu Sam says

    I use Google Reader sometimes to make sure I’m reading ALL the Freethought Blogs (it has been a lesson in prioritizing most days), and for me, I slightly prefer the whole post visible in the reader, or above the jump. Sometimes I don’t click through and just read the whole thing in the reader. So it’s better for add revenue to make me want to click Read More.

    In favor of after the jump is that, when I’m scrolling through a hundred FTB posts and know there’s no way I can read them all or even get back to them later, it’s convenient to have a shorter before-the-jump. Pictures in themselves do not make much difference.

  3. davem says

    My RSS feed using liferea on Ubuntu Linux) includes all the pictures. Fold, what fold?

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