Headline Muse, 4/16

With the nation—the world—in suspense
As the trial begins to commense
Anders Breivik, we’ll see,
Tries a “not guilty” plea—
He killed dozens, in pure self-defense!

Headline: Rampage suspect says he acted to save Norway

Hm. I could swear that headline used to read “rampage suspect to plead self defense”. Oh, well.


  1. TheLinguist says

    Hi Cuttlefish,
    it seems the “self-defense” thing was a translation error. The word he actually used was “nødrett”, which apparently translates into English legalese as “principle of necessity”. What it means is that he broke the law in order to prevent a greater injury, as opposed to self-defense which means defending yourself against an attack.

    Incidentally, I wish my first comment to you had been on something less grisly. I’ll have to comment on something amusing and light-hearted soon, just for the sake of balance. Big fan, in any case.

  2. Cuttlefish says

    Ah! Thank you! It seemed as if all the news outlets made a similar mistake, then correction, at nearly the same time, so I suspect they were likewise officially corrected.

    Grisly as it is, the example once again reminds me that our neighborhood is now global, and I can get feedback from around the world in mere moments. What an amazing world.

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