The Other T-Shirt

Ophelia Benson sees a T shirt.

We need a “We are all evil little things” T shirt.

And a banner, and a coffee mug, and a letterhead. And a pony.

And she’s right. I personally prefer the simpler “Evil Little Thing” T-shirt, but Ophelia had the idea first, and it’s a good one.

The other T-shirt is not for the Evil Little Things (that is, the defenders of the constitution), but for the citizens of Cranston and their supporters who have defended the banner on the grounds that its message is the only thing standing between Cranston’s students and utter chaos. Taking them at their word, this T-shirt is a direct quote from the banner.

Front: Smile when we lose…
Back: …as well as when we win.

Of course, they could save some money by just printing the front. I understand they’re going to need that money to file their appeal.

For a completely different take on different T-shirts (still Cranston, though)… see JT.


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