Headline Muse 1/18

When the sweet taste of privilege sours
Local businesses show off their powers
Saving Jessica’s banner
In a rather strange manner…
By refusing to bring her her flowers

Headline: Cranston florists refuse to deliver roses to Jessica Ahlquist

Of course, what’s hilarious is that none of the protesters seem to have read the judge’s decision–it’s their fanatical devotion to, and reverence of THE BANNER that led the judge to the obvious conclusion that it was indeed a matter of establishment of religion. The more Cranston makes a big deal out of this, the more obviously it is unconstitutional!

While you’re at it, Cranston, bring up that bit about “in god we trust” on our money a few more times. In the long run, I’ll thank you for it!

Cuttlecap tip to Randomfactor, again!


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