Headline Muse, 11/15

From their gilded and silk-cushioned heights
Where their privilege has suffered some slights
The bishops are whining
“The laws are confining!”
They’ve vowing to fight for their rights

Headline: Bishops Renew Fight on Abortion and Gay Marriage

Heh. This headline has two daddies names–the “fight on abortion and gay marriage” one, and the far more catholic-friendly “Bishops Open ‘Religious Liberty’ Drive”. Same article, two headlines. The bishops are trying to reframe bigotry as “religious liberty”. The commenters are having none of it, which is nice. Yeah there are the occasional “the church is doing the right thing, fighting immorality”, but these are few and far between. In the New York Times comments, at least, the church has lost the high ground.


  1. Becca Stareyes says

    I’ll be a gracious person, and offer the Catholic church this ‘compromise’*: stop fighting against civil same-sex marriage and I promise we won’t make ou perform ceremonies with anyone you don’t want to in your churches.

    * For the Republican definition of compromise: I do what I wanted to do anyway and you make concessions.

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