Texas Eats Puppy

Having dried up the lakes, and dehydrated guppies
The governor now sets his sights on the puppies
Since his prayer-fest for rain, which the whole region lacks,
It’s been sunshine and drought, and the land now has cracks
Not spiderweb cracks—that would almost be luck—
Big enough that a puppy fell in and got stuck!
If Perry has got a connection to God
Then these cracks that eat puppies are more than just odd—
Either way, the conclusion’s a little bit scary:
Either Perry hates puppies… or God hates Perry.

The drought has left the earth in Texas cracked and hurting. The cracks are familiar to anyone who has seen a dried-out lake bed, but of course, everything is bigger in Texas. In Texas, the cracks are big enough to have trapped a puppy, who needed to be rescued. Yes, the puppy is cute. Yes, there is video at the link.


  1. LRA says

    As a Texan, at first I was worried where that poem was going, but…

    LOLOL!!!!!!! It’s almost Seussian.


  2. Rawnaeris says

    North Texas finally had some rain last night, but that still doesn’t help those areas that have been on fire. The Bastrop Complex south of Austin is still burning, for example.

    And Puppy! Poor thing.

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