Your Prayers Mean So Much To Me

We thank you for your heartfelt prayers;
We know they helped a lot.
In times like these, it’s nice to know
How many friends we’ve got

So many folks concerned enough
To bow their heads and pray;
It makes us smile while struggling through
Our many tasks each day

It’s tough to do the household chores
With both of us in pain
But hey, you’re busy praying, so
We really can’t complain

Of hands in prayer, and hands at work,
I’m sure you know the saying—
And yeah, the lawn could use a trim,
But really, thanks for praying

I guess this one doesn’t need much explanation. It’s based on real world events, of course, and on correspondence since then. Not one, but two prayer circles are full of caring people who are able to tell themselves they have helped. And really, that’s what matters.

Could be worse. At least she has doctors, and the prayer circle is praying for them to have skill and perhaps some sort of magic, if that’s all right with you, god. If they were less wishy-washy, they’d try direct faith healing.

And we know the track record there. (Warning–don’t click if you don’t want to be angered and saddened.)


  1. ImaginesABeach says

    Tricky one. From your linked story:

    Prosecutors will contend that the Hickmans failed their son and caused his death because of their faith-based aversion to doctors and mainstream medical care. They will argue that the boy’s fate was sealed before his conception. They note that Shannon Hickman had a miscarriage a year before David was born and that she did not seek prenatal care when she learned she was pregnant again.

    I’m not sure I’m comfortable with an argument that starts with “she did the wrong thing while pregnant.” Slippery slope and all that.

  2. DiscoveredJoys says

    One of my favourite sayings:

    “Get up off your knees. You can see further and your hands are free for good works.”

  3. carolw says

    Interesting that the Hickmans don’t go to doctors, but the missus is wearing glasses. Optometrists don’t count as doctors? The church women did a “home eye exam?” The parents can go, but the children can’t? What’s going on there, really? Fucking hypocrites, letting their baby die. Granted he didn’t have a great start, but a hospital birth would have increased his chances so much.

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