Rosetta and Philae awesomeness

StevoR left us some treats in the Withdrawing Room:

Rosetta and Philae awesomeness :

Stick with that first photo – its an animation with some pretty impressive reality in it.

Plus :

Also a good radio segment on Pluto, Kepler 452b ad more here as well :

Hope these are interesting & informative for folks here.



  1. Charles Sullivan says

    You are so well-rounded with your interests that you could be a circle, or even a sphere. Thanks for sharing.

  2. David Evans says

    It is things like this that help keep my somewhat battered faith in humanity alive. Thank you.

  3. Dave Ricks says

    ESA also posted this cool sequence of images taken last year when Rosetta got close enough to show the comet looked like a rubber duck. (The 76 mages were taken once every 30 minutes, so the comet does not tumble as fast as it looks.)

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