Well who else thinks that?

Karen James has good things to say on Twitter about this “phwoaaar women in the lab eh” bullshit. (That’s something Twitter is good for. Arguing about complicated subjects, no. Commenting on sexist or racist bullshit, yes.)

Karen James ‏@kejames 6 hours ago
That Tim Hunt & others feel comfortable being overtly sexist in public says a lot about the larger environment in science.

Brava @girlinterruptin on the larger problem around Tim Hunt’s remarks, this para especially. http://occamstypewriter.org/sylviamclain/2015/06/09/cry-cry-cry-for-backwards-nobel-laureates/ …

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I dislike the workforce argument 4 why sexism & other isms are wrong. MT @royalsociety Science needs women http://ow.ly/O5t5c #wcsj2015

I had the same thought when I read the Royal Society’s statement. It annoyed me. Never mind the faff about “we need women in the labs” – say it’s shit.

The workforce argument suggests if we didn’t need ‘the research capabilities of the entire population’, sexism would be a-ok. @royalsociety

Erin ‏@EmicAcademic 6h6 hours ago
@kejames @royalsociety Similar to “promote diversity=better profits!”; equality is only important when it is profitable for the ppl in power

It’d be better if those trying to ‘distance themselves’ from misogyny would just say ‘sexism is wrong because it is wrong’. @royalsociety

Are they worried people will start talking about political correctness and identity politics? Or, worse, being pussy-whipped? Are they worried that sexism actually doesn’t matter unless it damages the bottom line?

Oh well. It’s only women.


  1. themann1086 says

    Right, the “it’s better for the bottom line” argument is only acceptable if it’s immediately followed by “more importantly, it’s just wrong”.

  2. deepak shetty says

    well the important thing is that Muslims don’t win Nobel Prizes.
    say it’s shit.
    Yep its shit. Tim Hunt is an unprofessional asshole – if he can’t keep his professional life distinct from his personal , or if he doesn’t know how to deal with a relationship with a colleague(s) – either don’t have those relationships or don’t work in that place.

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