Looking north

For a spot of refreshment – Taslima tweeted me one of the landscape photos she took on Sunday. It’s a view of the gorge, looking north toward Lake Ontario – I think that might be the lake in the distance, but I’m not sure. I loved this view.

It had rained like hell most of the afternoon, but had stopped at this point.

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  1. brucegee1962 says

    Ophelia, you haven’t said much yet (or if you did I missed it) about what it was like hanging out with Taslima. What’s her mental state like these days? I imagine being practically chased out of your adopted country at machete-point must be traumatic. Is she just recovering, or relieved, or excited to be here, or what? She’s a hero to so many of us!

  2. says

    She seems quite amazingly not-frazzled. What it’s like hanging out with her is what it’s like hanging out with any good friend on a good day.

    The thing that troubles her most is being away from the people who need her – the people of India and all of south Asia. Her work is there. They know her there.

    But moment to moment – she laughs, she gossips, she takes photo after photo after photo.

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