She wondered what Kate would say

Anne Widdecombe wrote a column in the Daily Express the other day. In part of it she said this:

Sofia Vergara of the US TV show Modern Family and Nick Loeb, her ex-fiancé, are locked in battle over his wish to use the embryos they created through IVF and hers to keep them frozen indefinitely.

Among those who have commented is women’s campaigner Kate Smurthwaite, who says: “If you have had a part in the creation of that embryo then you should have a say in its future but if the parties are not 100 per cent committed then maybe there is a better way.

“This guy can adopt, he can foster, he has got lots and lots of other options.”

I wonder what the lady would say if a man were to state that there were lots and lots of options to an abortion, declaring: “She can have it adopted, she can have it fostered”?

You can almost hear the squeals of outrage.

She wondered what Kate would say, so guess what, this is now, so Kate told her what Kate would say.

That was May 8. The Express never did publish it. There was Anne Widdecombe wondering what Kate would say and the Express hid the answer to her question!


  1. drken says

    If Nick Loeb wanted to be able to bring one of his and Sofia Vergara’s embryos to term without her approval, he shouldn’t had signed a contract stating otherwise.

  2. says

    Ahhhh, Ann Widdecombe… She was delightful in the Intelligence^2 debate against Hitchens and Fry. It was one of the worst debate performances I’d seen in years, until Sam Harris decided to leghump Noam Chomsky.

  3. M'thew says

    Currently the BBC is showing 24 hours in the past, a 4 part series in which six “celebrities” spend 4 full days in the grime of Victorian working class conditions. Ann Widdecombe is one of them. In yesterday’s installment, the working conditions in the kilns drove her into becoming active in a labour movement. She told the kiln owner they wouldn’t work if they didn’t get paid, and then everybody was sacked (I suspect it was all scripted, but stil…).

    Too bad that she said that in the 21st century, she’d still be a Tory MP. Knowing that, I’m not sure Kate’s answer would have changed her mind.

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