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The marriage equality referendum in Ireland is in a week and it’s close. Aoife at Consider the Tea Cosy is hosting guest posts for equality. Here is The No side’s warped understanding of democracy is a bad joke:

In the course of this referendum debate there have been many complaints, in particular from the No side, about an undemocratic atmosphere of censorship. When No posters are defaced by unknown persons, they behave as if the Yes campaign had ordered an official strike. When a mural depicting two men embracing was permitted on George Street in Dublin, they behaved as though the government was conspiring against them to give the Yes campaign more publicity.

In short, they are trying to pin the actions of some rogue vandals on the entire Yes campaign, as well as attempting to politicise the everyday culture and celebrations of the LGBT community. We, as gay people, feel that we can no longer hold hands in the street without having someone from the No side present to “give balance” to the situation. In the process of indignantly claiming their democratic rights, they’ve virtually censored our lives and personal histories.

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  1. says

    Sounds like Michael Nugent ought to be tone-trolling about the more important lack of courtesy that’s going on in Ireland, rather than worrying about the attitude of a few American bloggers. Oooh, did I say that?!

  2. Pierce R. Butler says

    The Nos* can hold hands in public with consenting adults of the other sex, can’t they? Or have they gotten too bilious and bitter even for that?

    *Which sounds too modern for traditional Catholics and the like – why don’t they dub themselves the Nays? Especially the ones in County Mayo, who could then saucily call themselves … I’ll get me hat!

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