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Damn. Twitter is full of photos of the three murdered students and they’re heartbreaking. They looked so happy…

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There’s also a Facebook for them set up by their families.

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Yusor dancing with her father at her wedding. Her wedding was a little more than a month ago.

May Allah have mercy on the bride and groom in paradise.




  1. Blanche Quizno says

    Okay, is THIS what we’re all talking about here?

    A parking dispute in NRA-land. 3 young people tragically murdered in Chapel Hill. A PARKING dispute in gun-land.

    That’s the content of the Dawkins tweet linked to above.

    That happens to be the summary of the event from the source he links to, which includes this:

    Hicks was described by neighbors as an angry, hulking figure who exploded in rage over parking spaces and noise in a neighborhood where parking is at a premium in the evenings.

    “He was very disgruntled, very aggressive. He would scream at people,” said Samantha Maness, 25, a technical college student who lives across a small parking lot from the building where Hicks and two of the three slain students lived.

    “He made everyone feel uncomfortable and unsafe,” Maness said Wednesday.

    Residents of Finley Forest condominiums in Chapel Hill were so alarmed by Hicks’ rants that they called a community meeting last year, Maness said. Residents shared stories about being confronted by Hicks, but no one mentioned the meeting to Hicks and nothing came of it, she said.

    Maness said she never heard Hicks refer to anyone’s religion or race. “He had equal-opportunity anger toward all the residents,” she said.

    Although the headline prominently screams: “North Carolina triple slaying arouses fear of hate crimes against Muslims” and there is plenty from Muslims stating that it should be considered a “hate crime”, there is nothing SO FAR linking it to a hate crime! As the neighbor clearly stated, this guy was an equal-opportunity hater. So WHY did he choose to kill THOSE three people – and not three others? Or one other, or five others? Hopefully we’ll find out, but at this point, beyond the fact that the three people happened to be together and happened to be identifiably Muslim, we don’t have that information. I’m with Dawkins on this one – until further information becomes available to justify a hate-crimes conclusion, it is irresponsible to knee-jerk right on over. This is a gun control issue. Now go ahead – call me “willfully blind”.

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