It is not safe to be in the city centre


One dead at the synagogue.

A shooting near a synagogue in Copenhagen has left one person dead and two injured, hours after a deadly attack at a cafe in the city.

In the second shooting one person died after being shot in the head, and two police officers were wounded. The attacker is believed to have fled.

More on the shootings at the Copenhagen synagogue, because the BBC has updated its report.

The second shooting took place on Krystalgade street.

“We cannot say anything about the condition of the injured yet,” the Danish police were were quoted as saying by the AFP news agency.

“The perpetrator fled on foot,” they added.

Police launched a massive manhunt after the first shooting.

They released photographs showing the alleged attacker apparently wearing a purple balaclava and thick puffer jacket.

The three injured were police officers.

For now, police have not linked the two attacks, the BBC’s Malcolm Brabant reports from Copenhagen.

But he says that the Danish capital has been abuzz with sirens and helicopters, amid fears that other attacks could be imminent.

The police have warned residents that it is not safe to be in the city centre.

It’s fucking unreal.


  1. says

    More detail, same source: When police officers called out to this person to stop, he opened fire on the police. Police shot back and killed him. Now tell me they should have used tear gas or tasered him instead.

  2. says

    Now tell me they should have used tear gas or tasered him instead.

    In that situation, those might not have worked. Don’t know anything about the environment, though – was he cornered and could the police have just backed off and waited for backup and de-escalated?

    The obvious thought is that maybe they had to gun him down because he was a danger to other people that were nearby – but if that’s the reasoning, then returning fire is also dangerous to other people that were nearby. I’m generally disappointed when police response is to immediately escalate to a full-up gunfight and exchange of fire. Clearly, that’s unhealthy.

    It seems bizzare to jump to the assumption that gunning him down was the right and most expedient thing to do. Are you perhaps an NRA spokesperson?

  3. says

    Not jumping to conclusions. I wasn’t there (obviously) and don’t know the details of the situation. But I do find it very likely that there was no option. Remember, he was firing at the police. Could they have retreated in order to de-escalate and get to talk to this person? Not likely, I think. This is someone who has demonstrated his willingness to kill, twice, and the last thing you want is to give him the opportunity to take hostages, for example. Anyhow, this was at 5 in the morning. There were probably not a lot of bystanders. The biggest risk would be a stray bullet going through a wall and hitting someone in bed.

    Me, NRA spokesperson? Don’t be silly. We don’t have those nut cases where I live, and we don’t want them here.

  4. Trebuchet says

    Benjamin Netanyahoo is suggesting that all European Jews should move to Israel to be safe from terrorism. Because, apparently, no Israelis are ever killed by terrorists…

  5. sumdum says

    While I understand the concern, this is Denmark we’re talking about, one of those European countries where police kill fewer people in a year than police do in a single city in the USA. And you wouldn’t have to worry overly much about bullets going through walls, houses here are generally built with brick walls.

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