Better taste than the cancelers of Goldsmiths

Here’s the Saturday night entertainment for QED 2015

Posted by QED at 12:00pm on February 2nd 2015

Each year we are delighted to bring an eclectic and varied evening of entertainment for every single one of our QED attendees, and QED 2015 is no exception – with an evening line-up featuring the talents of Kate Smurthwaite, Jay Foreman and Mitch Benn.

Take that, Goldsmiths feminist and comedy societies.

Also University of Manchester Student Union. Go, and sin no more.



  1. says

    so the same student Union that wouldn’t allow humanists to display Charlie Hebdo books Mitch Ben!

    “If you decide it’s wrong, out of respect, to make fun of someone’s belief in relatively benign things like winged horses, or magic wafers that turn into the body of Christ, on what basis do you condemn another man whose interpretation of his faith leads him to oppress women, kill his errant daughter or even blow up a family planning clinic?

    This is why I believe that poking fun at religion is not just acceptable, it’s essential.”

    I did try and find one of his anti theist songs but have so far drawn a blank.

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