1. Dave Ricks says

    The video reminds me of when David Bowie killed off Ziggy Stardust.

    But seriously, the abstraction of retiring “Kate Smurthwaite” as a parody or a satire of feminism points out that anyone can have a position pro-X or anti-X and draw picketers anti-X or pro-X. My takeaway from her abstraction is the trend of polarization or totalization.

    As a personal note, at the end of Women in Secularism 2 (where Ron Lindsay gave that opening talk), I got a personal minute with Lauren Becker who had just given the closing remarks (which was a challenge for her to summarize everything right after the events). I said the situation reminded me of something Bill Maher said, that today when a politician says one bad thing, “They have to go a-way.” Maher’s point was we can’t afford to waste talented people like that. Lauren Becker responded to me, “You know who’s good with forgiveness?” She looked me in the eye with her head cocked and paused for effect to mean her former Christian community.

    I’m just saying, totalization is paralysis.

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