Being Charlie

Brilliant idea.

In a poignant and powerful response to the horrific attacks on their colleagues in Paris, the world’s top cartoonists have teamed up to produce I am Charlie, a book featuring the top Charlie Hebdo cartoons published around the globe.

All proceeds will go to The Committee to Protect Journalists, the worldwide organization devoted to promoting freedom of the press.

The book, features 86 Charlie Hebdo editorial cartoons created by artists in Europe, the Middle East, The Americas, Australia, and Asia.

Cartoonists represented include Osama and Emad Haljaj from Jordan, Pang Li from China, and Pulitzer prize winning cartoonist Steve Sack from the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

The book features an introduction from Daryl Cagle, cartoonist and founder of the leading editorial cartoon site The book is edited and published by Andrew Pillsbury, former head of business development at The New Yorker Magazine’s cartoon division.

Both the physical and electronic versions of the book will be released February 21, the six week anniversary of the attacks.  The ebook retails for $9.99, the physical book retails for $14.99.

Brill iant.



  1. Ben Finney says

    Wonderful! I look forward to buying the book and supporting freedom of expression.

    […] will be released February 21, the six week anniversary of the attacks.

    The name “anniversary” explicitly means “yearly return”. Using it for some fraction of a year expresses ignorance. I wish people wouldn’t be ignorant.

    That won’t stop me from buying the book.

  2. says

    Yeah, and even if anniversary meant just “some significant chunk of time” – why would six weeks be that? One out of every 7 days is X number of weeks since the massacre, so it seems kind of silly to bother saying “it’s been 6 weeks people.” But oh well.

  3. Jenora Feuer says

    All the more appropriate a cover image given that the Statue of Liberty was a gift from France to start with…

  4. RossR says

    Does anybody have a link for buying the book online? Perhaps from somewhere more deserving than Amazon?

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