1. footface says

    I love this idea that it’s possible for a non-Muslim to blaspheme against Islam or Mohammed. When did we all become bound by the injunctions of someone else’s religion? If you want to belong to a club and obey its rules, that’s one thing. But it’s another thing again to require me to. I never signed on for that.

  2. Eric MacDonald says

    Two poets, actually, Abu ‘Afak, and a female poet by the name of ‘Asama bint Marwan (who was pregnant at the time of her murder at Muhammad’s request), the latter after she had heard of the murder of Abu ‘Afak, and wrote a poem condemning the stranger to Medina (Muhammad) and asking whether there was anyone who would “cut off the hopes of those who expect aught from him.” (Ibn Ishaq) The power of Muhammad was said to be such that the tribe of ‘Asama bint Marwan, the Banu Khatma, converted to Islam, there being no compulsion in religion!

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