Attention people in or near Ottawa

CFI Canada is holding weekly protests at the Saudi embassy in Ottawa in conjunction with Amnesty International  Canada.

CFI Canada calls its volunteers and supporters to join or lend support to weekly 30-minute demonstrations at the Saudi embassy in Ottawa (201 Sussex Drive).  Amnesty International  Canada  is leading this initiative on Thursday January 15, 2015  at 4:00 pm.  Raif Badawi is expected to receive lashes every Friday for a total of twenty weeks.    For further information, contact the CFIC office at

That’s from last week but theobromine tells us there is one today:

Note to anyone in or near Ottawa, Canada: Atheist and Humanist groups (CFI-Canada and Humanist Canada) are joining the weekly protests sponsored by Amnesty international – next one is this Thursday at 4pm in front of the Saudi Embassy (dress warmly – the high tomorrow will be -10C).

This Thursday is now today. You have a few hours to pile on the sweaters.



  1. says

    Thanks for the signal boost, Ophelia. Theo was out the door about an hour ago, well bundled up. (I’d be there except I hurt my back the other week, and I’m not yet quite up to standing and walking for indefinite periods. Thanks, Intelligent Designer, for that stellar job on the human spinal column….).

  2. theobromine says

    Thanks for the announcement. There were 30+ people – not bad for the middle of winter and during most people’s work hours. I wonder if the royal succession will bring a more humane and rational approach…one can only hope.

    We all hope not to have another protest next week, but sadly we are planning to be there again.

  3. says

    BBC World talked to a talking head guy in SA, and he said he thinks it’s likely to be good news for Raif, because Salman will want to show he’s not Abdullah. I found that hopeful, especially since it doesn’t depend on good will or any other kind of decent motive.

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