1. Janine the Jackbooted Emotion Queen says

    The video of the shooing was enough to prove that it was homicide.

    But the real question is this, will a cop actually be punished for being murderously incompetent?

  2. Anne Marie says

    So I just read Working Stiff, which is about being a medical examiner. My understanding from that is that there are only so many categories for manner of death. For Ohio, they are homicide, suicide, accident, natural death, and unknown/undetermined. This was obviously not a suicide, an accident or natural death. Homicide in an autopsy basically means someone else directly cause this person’s death. Intent is irrelevant.

  3. Josh, Official SpokesGay says

    Sadly, this means nothing like what we want it to mean. Cribbed from my Tweets today:

    1. IMPORTANT! Folks need to understand that “homicide” is a specific legal term of art. It does NOT mean, legally, “punishable murder.”
    2. When you see “Coroner rules Tamir Rice’s death a homicide,” that doesn’t mean anything close to what most people think it means.
    3. It does not mean the legal system has decided Rice was murdered. A homicide is simply that — “death by another man.”
    4. The law recognizes justifiable homicides, for example. All killings by a person are homicides. Not all homicides are murders.
    5. So the ME’s homicide finding isn’t new information. It is not any indication whatsoever that the law will consider it a punishable act.
    6. The ME finding is just a formality, I’m sorry, but it’s true. We already knew Tamir Rice was killed by a person. That wasn’t in question.

  4. Kevin Kehres says

    What Josh said. This is just the technical description. Says nothing at all about whether the cops will face legal or even administrative sanctions.

    As of now, they’re on paid administrative leave. Oh the HORROR!!!! A paid vacation!!!! When will the injustice END!!

  5. kagekiri says

    @4 Anne Marie and @5 Josh, Official Spokesgay:

    Thanks for the term clarification, you two.

    So I should be even more angry at what the court/justice system considers justifiable, rather than that these cops seemed to be “getting away with” homicide…roger.

  6. Bernard Bumner says

    Yeah. Everyone else has written it – homicide is just intentional killing. Unfortunately, the law tends to allow that police officers can kill for very trivial reasons, such as feeling threatened. Whatever that may mean.

  7. throwaway, never proofreads, every post a gamble says

    It was negligent homicide at least.

    The way the cops rolled up on Tamir when there was no clear and present danger to anyone, headlights and spotlights pointing straight at him, the police likely screaming in an intense manner “DROP THE WEAPON!” How the fuck else was he supposed to react to that sudden traumatic event at the age of 12 years old?

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