Then for your new friends

There’s SPAM ‘n’ Limas.

No don’t interrupt me, I’m laughing too hard.

Spam 'n' Limas


Boy doesn’t that Spanish sauce sound fabulous? The lard is a nice touch.

I wonder what the white substance you can see around the lima beans is. The recipe doesn’t mention anything like that so is it…some kind of horrid foam we don’t want to think about? Something the lima beans and spam give off as they bake?



  1. brucegee1962 says

    Oooh, I get to be the first to say…

    We’ve got spam, spam, spam, spam, lima beans and spam.

  2. Blanche Quizno says

    You’re right about the lima beans, chigau (3). And as for the white stuff around the lima beans, I vote it’s the lard.

  3. joseph moodie says

    Yes. Lard is white, tasty, thick, and butter-like. That is the stuff around the Limas. I think Lard still makes the very best pie crust, but many healthier things now work almost as well (molybdenum sulfide axle-grease, for example).

    I can’t be all alone or they wouldn’t be selling them, so I’ll just admit it for the sake of all others who live with this shame and eat alone in the dark: I love Lima beans.

  4. quixote says

    I know someone who likes lima beans. Not spam, though. So even he wouldn’t eat that extraordinary concoction.

    Where I live, they grow lima beans, acres and acres of them. If everybody hates them (except that one person), what do they do with them? School lunch programs? Prison meals? And then no doubt the leftovers get dried to that granular powder used to absorb high level radioactive waste.

  5. says

    I quite like lima beans. Not enough to buy them, certainly, but enough not to mind if I’m served some. Not that I can claim I ever have been once past school days. I know as a kid I preferred them to peas. The gag reflex was for overcooked squash.

  6. chezjake says

    I really like lima beans, especially in New England style succotash, where the corn and beans are simmered in generous quantities of butter and heavy cream. (Do not try cooking lima beans in a microwave; they become wooden.)

    I will gladly take Spam over turkey any day, including Thanksgiving.

  7. Radioactive Elephant says

    *high five chezjake*
    I grew up on lima beans. Still love them to this day (I sometimes have some as a snack). I also like brussels sprouts (though not enough to buy). I always liked all the gross vegies kids are supposed to hate. If it weren’t for the weird white stuff around that dish, I’d probably eat it if it was presented (though I’d be a little a curious why someone would ever serve that). And what the heck’s up with the presentation? Some kind of flower petal formation with green growths all over it? Who thought that was a good idea?

  8. suttkus says

    Spam is important to me. Here’s why.

    When I was a kid, there was this commercial. The spam guy is doing a taste-the-sample thing in a grocery store. This woman comes up with a cart and he asks her to try his spam. She says she’s never tried spam, and he gives her a bite.

    And… she starts leaping around in excitement. “Spam! Spam! Where have you been all my life!”

    It was the first commercial I remember seeing that I said to myself, “This is stupid.” There was no way that was a real person’s reaction to anything. Commercials were LYING to me.

    And I haven’t trusted a one of them since. Viva skepticism!

  9. says

    I nearly panicked when I saw the two posts about “food”. Yes, it was partially because my parents actually made that sort of garbage when I was a kid. They bought those sorts of cookbooks and the plastic moulds along with them. Jellied vegetables and meat (if you call canned corned beef “meat”) were occasionally on the table, and the two complained when we kids didn’t eat them.

    But I was more worried that you had unknowingly quoted from the “Gallery of Regrettable Food” which features similar books and pictures. “GoFF” is run by James Lileks, a far right, Rand-worshipping __________ (insert your choice of insult or profanity here). He willingly drinks the koolaid…and probably uses it in the jelly moulds, too.

  10. Decker says

    Spam is still a big seller in supermarkets. It’s not bad when fried and eaten in a sandwich with mustard…on cold days.

  11. Trebuchet says

    Spam is still a big seller in supermarkets. It’s not bad when fried and eaten in a sandwich with mustard…on cold days.

    Not bad at all, in fact. Spamburgers! Lima beans, on the other hand, are an unpleasant memory of my childhood.

  12. Decker says

    Lima beans, on the other hand, are an unpleasant memory of my childhood.

    My childhood as well. My mom would make me eat them. Horrid! We ex lima bean eaters need to form a support group.

  13. Al Dente says

    When I was in the Army in beautiful, sunny Southeast Asia, back before many of you were even twinkles in your parents’ eyes, I had to eat C-Rations. Some C-Rats weren’t bad. The canned fruit was edible and the pound cake wasn’t bad. Spaghetti and Meatballs were the best entrée. However there was almost universal agreement among C-Rat connoisseurs that the Ham and Lima Beans, better known as Ham and Motherfuckers, were completely inedible. I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for the McIlhenny Company who gave free bottles of their tabasco sauce to the troops in Vietnam. But even tabasco couldn’t make Ham and Motherfuckers edible.

  14. johnthedrunkard says

    There’s a good thesis waiting to be written on how lima beans ever became part of the American diet. There must be some agricultural motive for growing them… soil retention maybe?

    Lard is making a gourmet comeback these days, now that the processed oils are being revealed as demon-juice.

  15. says

    nichrome (#16) –

    Over at, they made and taste tested some recipes like this:

    I didn’t eat those pictured on Cracked, but I’ve been force-fed similar stuff, ingredients ruined by terrible combinations, suspended in jelly. “Flavourless gelatin” was always in the house when I was a kid.

  16. Uncle Ebeneezer says

    Yeah, I never thought Spam could be good until a friend of mine made some musubi to a picnic (he had lived in Japan for the past few years.) Also, back when I lived in Philly suburbs alot of my friends regularly ate Pork Roll sandwiches. Pork Roll, fried in a pan with some mustard on a potato roll. Not the best for your arteries, but pretty yummy.

  17. tmscott says

    I have eaten both limas and Spam (although not together) and was glad to have them. Thankfully, I no longer need to.

  18. lorn says

    White substance, if that was shot, or made, anywhere in the south it is likely to be one of the “holy trinity” of southern cooking; salt, sugar, and/or lard.

    Spam and lima beans. Spam is ham so it is ham and lima beans. in the field it was C-rations and wayyyy more than random chance would allow ended up being ham and lima beans. I didn’t hate them but the same thing over and over was a drag. Others were not so insensitive and were quite passionate in their hatred of the M-2 canned ham and lima beans main dish, universally known as “ham and motherfuckers”.

    When I was a kid I couldn’t look a lima bean straight in the eye. I grew into them and quite enjoy them if they are cooked right. Salt, pepper and bacon help.

  19. Decker says

    Spam is ham so it is ham and lima beans.

    Actually Spam isn’t ham because ham comes from a particular part of the pig, whereas spam may contain any and all parts of a pig save the OINK!

  20. Trebuchet says

    Isn’t Spam practically the national food of Hawai’i? I vaguely recall having a spam and pineapple burger at McDonalds when we visited several decades ago.

  21. estraven says

    My spouse and I grew lima beans one summer. They were delicious fresh. But then I don’t have a gripe with lima beans dried, either. I have a delicious casserole recipe featuring cooked dried limas with tomatoes and herbs and olive oil. Love it.

    Spam, though . . .

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