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Dawn reports that Chairman of the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) Maulana Mohammad Khan Sheerani has said a Muslim woman cannot object to the second or subsequent marriages of her husband.

Presiding over a meeting of the council here on Tuesday, he said a woman could not demand divorce if her husband married a second, third or fourth time.

He said Islam had given the women the right to separate from her husband, but another marriage could not be a valid ground for doing so.

So a married woman gets no choice and no say how she lives her life. If her husband decides there will be one or two or three more women living with them, she doesn’t get to say no and she doesn’t get to leave. She also, of course, doesn’t get to tell her husband there will be one or two or three more men living with them.

On March 10 this year, the council noted that the laws regarding second marriage by a man in the presence of the first wife were against Sharia.

“Sharia allows men to have more than one wife and we demanded the government to amend the relevant laws where a person has to seek prior permission from the existing wife / wives,” the CII chief had said in the meeting.

And this is Pakistan in 2014, so the government probably isn’t going to feel comfortable saying no.


  1. RJW says

    I wonder how the usual clique of Islamic apologists will ‘explain’ that. I doubt that the opinion of the Pakistani government, such as it is, is at all relevant.

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