Is that a tweet in your pocket?

David Futrelle reports another instance of Janet Bloomfield telling lies about a feminist to whip up Twitter hatred against her.

Janet Bloomfield – A Voice for Men’s compulsively lying “social media director” – is at it again.

A couple of months back, Bloomfield – who goes by JudgyBitch1 on Twitter – decided for some reason that she could best serve AVFM’s social media directing needs by straight-up libeling feminist writer Jessica Valenti – by making up inflammatory quotes and attributing them to Valenti in a series of Tweets. She later boasted in on her blog that the quotes – which she admitted she’d conjured out of thin air – had inflamed hatred of Valenti and caused her to catch “a bit of hell.”

Now Bloomfield is pulling the exact same stunt again. This time, her target is feminist cultural critic and #GamerGate bete noire Anita Sarkeesian.

On Saturday, Bloomfield tweeted an obviously doctored “screenshot” of a tweet that Sarkeesian never made.

Why obviously? Because it’s 218 characters.

But that doesn’t matter, because it worked – the Twitter army was stirred and it duly offered up its truckload of sexist hatred, a small sample of which you can see at We Hunted the Mammoth.

Nice things? This is why we can’t have them.



  1. Anthony K says

    You’ve lost the argument when you have to lie about your opponents.

    Oh. Well then, I’m sure if you simply cite that rule and the appropriate edition of the Universal Rulebook for Arguments to the fine people at AVFM, they’ll immediately come around to the right side and disband their entire operation. That was your purpose in sharing it, wasn’t it?

  2. Anthony K says

    Sorry, Al Dente. My comment #2 was way snarkier than anything you wrote warranted. I shouldn’t have commented while being so angry.

  3. Athywren says

    So I can’t claim to be an avid follower of Anita Sarkeesian, but I have actually read a few of the things she’s written, and watched a couple of her Feminist Frequency videos, and I’m having a seriously hard time believing that anyone who’d actually bothered to do any basic research (for instance, having actually read anything she’s tweeted within recorded history) would believe it was a legitimate tweet.
    It’s almost as if they’re an irrational movement who care more about having reasons to hate women than actual facts, ain’t it?

  4. newenlightenment says

    Anita should sue, then give the money to whichever feminist group Bloomfeld hates most.

  5. Fortesque says

    It’s almost as if they’re an irrational movement who care more about having reasons to hate women than actual facts, ain’t it?

    No way. Obviously she is just gullible and doesn’t understand technology, which means she is the perfect person to be social media director for a large organization. See? Perfectly logical alternative explanation that doesn’t require disregarding facts!

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