I do it for the clicks for other people

Update: I’m told that Noel Plum says he didn’t make money directly from this video.

Hahahahahaha – I Googled to find that piece where Sam Harris explained about the politically correct feminists, and in doing so look what I found – Noel Plum’s Patreon for the video he did about my take on Harris. He got $65.50 for it! That’s a lot more than I made for the post, I can tell you*. But we’re supposed to be the ones who “do it for the clicks,” remember? How come nobody ever says that about people like Noel Plum?


Sixty five dollars and fifty cents! I could buy a lot of Talenti gelato with that.

*Like, about 60 times more. Blogging really doesn’t pay unless you get many tens of thousands of hits per day, which I don’t.


  1. says

    Noel is shocked, shocked that you’d point to a free video and claim he made money from it. Apparently that one was not pledged so his rubes subscribers were not made to pay for it. Of course bashing FTBullies is likely to make people subscribe to his patreon and drive more money for him.. BUT he didn’t make a penny from that particular video about you. Not directly 🙂

  2. Jeff S says

    His response to this: He has asked for an apology.

    I’m not really sure how this all works, but it sounds like your criticism could be a bit misplaced in this narrow case.

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