A firm believer in gender equality

Katherine Adams explains her profound reservations about feminism*.

Like any other socially conscious woman, I am a firm believer in gender equality. Ending workplace discrimination, making reproductive health care affordable—I’ve championed these goals my whole life. They’re important to me, and that’s why the feminist movement frustrates me so much. I’m sorry, but I simply cannot and will not support feminism if it means murdering all men.

Typical boozhie liberal. You can’t make a lobster risotto without breaking eggs!

I understand why some people might believe the only way to advance women’s rights is to slaughter every man on the planet, but that sort of radical, explicitly homicidal position, which for all I know is a fundamental aspect of feminism, is exactly what makes me hesitate to call myself a feminist.

Do I agree with closing the pay gap, ensuring universal access to birth control, and ending the objectification of women? Absolutely, and if that’s all feminism were about, I would get on board without any hesitation. Assuming feminists start advocating that we hunt down all the world’s men and boys, load them onto trains bound for death camps, and systematically massacre them solely on the basis of their sex, then that’s where I draw the line.

Well then go get a job at the American Enterprise Institute, ya big sellout.

*At the Onion, she does this.


  1. moarscienceplz says

    To me, it’s just another Poe. If the byline had read “Jaclyn Glenn”, it would not have surprised me in the least.

  2. says

    I have to say, I also come down on the side of “not wanting to murder all men.”

    So if feminists decide to do that, I’m out.
    Same with atheists. If atheists decide to murder all men.

    And bicyclists. In fact any group.
    In fact, I believe I’m pretty set against murdering all ANYONE.
    So take heed, Social Justice Warriors… if you start deciding to murder all of a group of people in the name of your cause. I will TOTALLY unfollow you on twitter.

  3. Alan Cooper says

    Isn’t ‘The Onion’ supposed to be a satirical journal? I think that article must be a parody of others which seriously attempt to inextricably but falsely tie feminism to the idea that all males should be violently culled from our species – because if it wasn’t a parody of them it would have to be one itself. Or at least that’s what I gather.

  4. Athywren says

    Oh my, did you see the weather report? 98 degrees with a high chance of sky debris! We’re in for a rough one!

  5. John Horstman says

    Wait, so we’re dropping valar morghulis as the feminist slogan? What am I going to do with all these t-shirts?

  6. Crimson Clupeidae says

    Now I’m depressed. I was going to be first in line to be killed at the hands of all you radical feminists. Since I’m always accused of white knighting, being a mangina, and whatever other terms the MRAs can come up with for me. Figured I might as well go big or go home.

    ….so to speak. I could bring my own cross. 😉

  7. bcmystery says

    Now let’s not be hasty here. We should think this through—weigh the pros and cons of slaughtering all men and boys—before coming down affirmatively on one side or the other.

  8. screechymonkey says

    Ok, so one side is calling for violence and murder, but I heard that their opponents use naughty words!

  9. Krishna says

    Is this a typical Onion article simultaneously mocking 1) people who reflexively assume feminists are man haters 2) people equivocating “I would be a feminist if only” and 3) feminists who actually wish to exterminate men ?

  10. =8)-DX says

    I agree, I mean have all feminists denied wanting to ruthlessly murder all men in cold blood in 2020? Searching online I find little to no evidence that all feminists have denied that and shown proof that this is not their intention. We’re just asking questions here: if feminists get thier way and acheive full equality for women, what if they then decide to just lop the heads off us men in six years? In fact I find it highly notworthy that not one of the feminists I happen to know is discussing the “how are we going to kill all the men in a few years” problem in public.

  11. theobromine says

    @ =8)-DX

    Though I have not been in recent personal contact with any androcidal feminists, there is apparently a culture of “ironic misandry” (example at https://medium.com/the-archipelago/men-get-on-board-with-misandry-4a3bc6c08e16).

    I personally find this very troubling. I don’t think it’s any better to sport a Tshirt that says “I can’t wait until men are illegal”, or carry a coffee mug that says “male tears”. This is harassment, and saying, “haha, can’t you take a joke” does not mitigate it, any more than rape threats on twitter can be mitigated in that manner.

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