Women and girls, regardless of background

Irshad Manji made a meme out of a sentence from that statement by British Muslims for Secular Democracy that a group of supporters (including me) signed last week, and that the Independent published.


  1. says

    As an isolated sentence “[All women] are of equal worth” is a bit unfortunate. It could so easily continue “Namely, none” or “Half that of men”. Sorry for nitpicking, it just struck me that way.
    Good declaration though,

  2. leni says

    I had that same thought, Delft.

    Though I took it to mean that they wanted to specifically address the disparity in treatment that resulted from cultural relativism and/or more intentional, malignant racism in the larger communities, as opposed to garden variety sexism.

  3. sonofrojblake says

    Shame the sentence wasn’t two words longer “… to men.” Or maybe simply “all people, regardless of…”. Small steps though – getting them to acknowledge that white working class girls are equal to their own precious wives and daughters is a start.

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