Take her to the explaining room

Matt Lubchansky takes a look at dudely atheism.

Ma’am, have you read my book? We aren’t sexists, okay? Everyone else has read the book. It’s just chemistry.

They parody themselves.



  1. Seven of Mine: Shrieking Feminist Harpy says

    This one is rather timely as well. The subject is capitalism but the last panel is rather more broadly applicable to current events in the atheo-skeptisphere.

  2. Doc says

    What is feminism? As I understand it it is the pursuit for gender equality. Am I a feminist? I guess so.

    Let’s see:
    My wife is an accomplished doctor. She chooses to work and I support her. I don’t have my own practice, she does. We decided it be best for her to own the practice and I work there part time, as well as on two other offices. Would I like my own? Yes. But once her office is financially stable.

    We also have a child. Our chores are basically split in half, between cooking (both), doing dishes (mostly me), doing laundry (I’m forbidden), and dealing with our child. On weekends I always wake up early and deal with him (since he was born) so my wife can sleep late.

    If a woman chooses to be stay at home… good for her too. My mom was stay at home. And now she works. Power to her.

    Now, sexism… that bothers me. Am I sexist? I hope not. At least I don’t try to be. Do I like my wife well dressed? Yes. Do I dress well? Yes. She like me well dressed too. I think too many men (And women) wear “slacker” clothing just to make a point, but then critizice women that dress in high heels and wear make up (my wife) even for her work.

    Medical school has (where I’m from)a ratio of 9:1 female to male. BUT, when they choose to specialize over 90% of female physicians don’t work full time. (THEIR CHOICE). I know, because in my class the ratio was 9:1, I knew most of their husbands (not doctors) and they just chose to work part time.

    As a secondary effect, we have a shortage of specialties dealing with certain populations. I believe that if you choose someone for an underserved specialty, you need a commitment. Does that make me sexist?

    If my perception is that I see more men than women in certain aspects of society, and I point to that, is it sexist? I don’t think so.

    Do appearances matter? You bet. You visit an office, there is a higher chance patients will return if the staff is properly dressed, and groomed. Is it required? You bet. Is it sexist? I hope not.

    Do I believe you must encourage overweight employees to lose weight? Yes. How can you emphasize good health if your staff is unhealthy? Is it sexist? No. Do we apply same rules to male nurses? Yes.

    A lot of people complain about how women are portrayed in TV and Magazines (Sexy, Skimpy, Slutty)… How about the men? (Dumb, stupid, slow, can’t do nothing w/o their wife – Look at Ray Romano, Ross, All the Al’s…). Even in movies, we are deadbeat dads that can’t do anything right. Whether by “Religious films” such as Moms Night Out (sucks), or comedies like “Daddy Day Care”. We are portrayed as dumb and incompetent.

    Do I think women complain more than men? Yes. Is it sexist? I hope not. Maybe I’m wrong, but my wife tells me also that women complain more than men and workplaces with too many females always have more gossip and tension than male dominated (she’s worked in both). Maybe I’m sexist, I guess she is too.

    I don’t think “atheist leaders” are sexist. Sure, they might be misinformed in some issues, (WHO ISN’T?), but they want more female participation. They are not against it. Are they mysoginist or sexist? No.

    Yet there is a huge discussion in twitter which I find utterly ridiculous and reminds me why I stopped reading blogs 2 years ago. Arguing in twitter is like throwing empty cans. They make a lot of noise, but there is nothing in them.

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