In a better world

Meriam Ibrahim arrived in the US a few days ago.

Mrs Ibrahim flew from Rome to Philadelphia with her husband and two children, en route to Manchester, New Hampshire, where her husband has relatives and the family hope to settle.

The mayor said nice things to her there.

Her next stop was Manchester, and there were about 40 relatives and supporters at the airport to greet her, some of them chanting “Long Live America”, says the BBC’s Gringo Wotshela, who was at the scene.

He said her husband said a few words, in which he thanked the US government for its strong stance, the New Hampshire senators who worked hard to arrange her asylum and the people of Sudan for their support.


That’s all good.

Of course in a better world, none of this would be news, because no one would have tried to kill Meriam Ibrahim for not belonging to a particular religion, because it would be universally acknowledged that people have the right to choose 1. whether to belong to a religion at all and 2. what religion to belong to.


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