The sin of laughter

Channel 4 provides a bunch of pictures of women laughing in response to Bulent Arinc’s demand that women stop laughing in public.

They’re glorious pictures, all the better as a collection. What would life be without laughter??

A couple from Twitter under #kahkaha:

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    Isn’t always the way? On one side men telling women to smile in public, on the other men telling women that smiling and laughing in public is a sin.

    It’s how to achieve general social control. When training a horse, you don’t really care what you make the horse do – you just focus, initially, on getting the horse to pay attention to you and act when you command action. It’s the mental/emotional equivalent of breaking inertia when you’re pushing a car – once it starts rolling it’s easier to control than it was to get it rolling in the first place.

    So, if you hit women with contradictory orders, it doesn’t matter, as long as you’ve got their attention and they’re focused on you.

    I think the sound of happy laughter is one of the best things, ever. It’s as nourishing as pizza.

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