The first Tuesday of every month in LA

Look what Amy’s got! The Los Angeles Women’s Atheist and Agnostic Group, all set up and ready for you to join if you’re in Los Angeles or feel like getting there the first Tuesday of every month.

Why such a group? Well, because it’s needed.

Over the last few years, ever since Richard Dawkins made his now famous snipe at Rebecca, I have  found myself felt pushed out of certain spaces in the skeptic and secular community, online and sometimes in person, simply for remaining an outspoken part of this blog.

Over the years, I have been harassed, talked over and talked down to. I have been threatened, ridiculed, intimidated and lied about. I have been stalked, mocked, Photoshopped and had my home address posted. I have watched dozens of my friends silently walk away from organized skepticism, this network, and movement atheism because of the hostile environment they have witnessed. Some have left out of fear for their safety or privacy concerns and some have left because they simply didn’t feel valued or respected. Many others left because watching and reading about harassment and bullying directed at some of the women just, “isn’t fun.”

And I totally get that. It’s not fun.

Amy’s group? It will be fun.

The group will serve multiple purposes. It will be a meetup group for making new friends and networking and it will also be a safe space that encourages creativity, art, education and positive activism that focuses on issues relating to women.
LAWAAG will meet the first Tuesday of every month at 7pm at The Center For Inquiry, Los Angeles. Along with regular monthly meetups, the group will also organize art, activism and outreach projects and work towards building community and support for women without faith.

The first meeting will take place on July 1st at 7pm at CFI West and I’d love to see you there. We already have our first activist art show planned, because one thing you can count on, if I am running a group, is that we will get shit done! And I’d love for more people to get with me, get involved and get active.

I know about that show and it is going to be fantastic.

Read Amy’s post, because it has art in it. I love Amy’s art.


  1. Pteryxx says

    Any acronym ending in WAAG sounds fun. Anyone out there for a DCWAAG, or a DFWWAAG, or maybe a Chi-WAAG?

  2. Suido says

    @Pteryx: once you’ve got plenty of members, you can duke it out with Tolkien’s wolves and warhammer 40K nerds for the title of best use of extended “wag” sound. La-Waag is a pretty firm favourite in my mind.

  3. A Hermit says

    I’d like to see it become the “Southern California And Los Angeles Women’s Atheist and Agnostic Group” so the acronym would be “SCALAWAAG”

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