Just human

Have a Jesus and Mo.


Stupid, no, but unreasonably credulous, yes.

It’s human to be unreasonably credulous, of course, but it’s also human to be able to learn to correct for that. It’s human to learn to correct for that but still fail to correct for it on all occasions – in other words it’s human to correct for unreasonable credulity on things one is not too invested in but fail to correct for it when one has a motive not to.


  1. aziraphale says

    If anything Jesus should have been offended, since according to their respective mythologies he is the one who is not “just human”. Mohammed never claimed to be other than human.

  2. Seth says

    Remember, ‘Mo’ is a body double; he’s a Muslim who reveres Mohammed as the exemplar of all righteousness. Thus Mo gets horribly offended whenever anyone impugns Mohammed for any reason, even if Mohammed never himself claimed such exemption.

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