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Here (a public page on Facebook) you can find an interview with Catherine Corless by Mark Patterson on Radio Ulster May 27.

The children were segregated from other children in the classroom.

He’s asking why she cares, when she doesn’t suspect “foul play.” For some reason neither of them is really talking about the neglect, the malnutrition, the conditions in which infection could spread easily.

At 11:50 they agree that there must have been such “homes” all over Ireland.

There’s a Facebook page Mother/Baby Home Research.



  1. says

    He’s asking why she cares, when she doesn’t suspect “foul play.”

    I’m wondering what he means by ‘foul play’ that doesn’t cover what was done to those kids (and their mothers).

  2. Blanche Quizno says

    This just gets worse and worse. The Catholic Church surely is a gilded edifice covering up a mass of writhing worms and maggots.

  3. says

    Cruel bastards
    I also wished there was a way to publicly expose all the men who fathered those children (and I don’t doubt for a second that there was a lot of rape involved). So the world would see that they went on with their lives, as publicly respeted pillars of society, while the women they fucked and the children they fathered were treated worse than cattle.

  4. Alnus Glutinosa says

    The Irish Times has uncovered that the bairns and wee uns were tested on too. Vaccine guinea pigs. Unloved lab rats.

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