Nigerian police arrest…a protest leader

Yes that’s right. Nigerian police arrest not a kidnapper or an army of kidnappers; not a Boko Haram bigwig; a protest leader. Why? Because the kidnapped girls are not really her daughters. She said they were her daughters! They’re not! Bust her!

A source in the presidency said Naomi Mutah Nyadar had been detained over allegations of falsely claiming to be the mother of one of the missing girls.

Nyadar was arrested on Sunday after a meeting she and other campaigners had held with President Goodluck Jonathan’s wife, Patience, concerning the girls.

She was taken to Asokoro police station, near the presidential villa, said fellow protester Lawan Abana, whose two nieces are among the abductees.

“Ms Naomi was arrested yesterday evening,” he told Reuters. “We are begging them to save our daughters. Instead of taking steps to rescue them they are jailing us.”

The presidency source said: “[Nyadar] was arrested because of impersonation. She claimed that she was one of the girls’ mothers, so she’s just being questioned by the police.”

………………………..Why? For what purpose? To what end?

Anyway it’s not even true.

Abana denied Nyadar had made any such claim.

“They are claiming it is a hoax and that her daughter was not abducted. But when we say ‘bring back our daughters’ the campaign means it in the broader sense of ‘daughters of Nigeria’,” Abana said. “They are so clueless.”

I think I see how this works. If the enslaved girls are not your actual literal daughters, then their enslavement is nothing to do with you and none of your business. That means only a few hundred people have any right to reproach the Nigerian government, and a few hundred people can easily be ignored.

Yeah dream on Nigeria. THEY ARE ALL OUR DAUGHTERS. All of them and all of us. They’re all our daughters and sisters. Daughters of Nigeria, sisters of Nigeria, and daughters and sisters of the world.


  1. quixote says




    It’s enough to make anyone think the so-called government is looking for excuses to do nothing.

  2. Trebuchet says

    CNN, which of course only began covering the story a couple of days ago, said earlier today that the Nigerian first lady met with some of the mothers and told them they should keep quiet because they were making the country look bad.

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