1. Blanche Quizno says

    Actually, those comments give me a little hope for the flowers, so to speak. Perhaps the intrepid investigative journalist wasn’t an entirely bad guy himself – he just provided the information that his shitweasel editors turned into something nasty.

    Nah, even *I* can’t quite go there. Unless his goal, his personal stated goal, was to show how well the food bank supplies those in need. And he hasn’t quite come out and said that, despite the returning the (now past expiration date – thanks) food with a tenner.

    Those churchgoers who boast “We feed people” make me angry. Really? So you “feed people”. Do you give people money so they can buy whatever they need at the store, or do you hand them a bag of products YOU have chosen that the recipients may not like and may not be able to even use?? How does your “we feed people” compare to the government SNAP program, which gives people the equivalent of MONEY so they can choose their own groceries?? Perhaps if churches were paying their fair share of taxes, we wouldn’t have so many people going hungry – ever thought about THAT, churchies??

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