Can he say that on the air? Hell yes.

Sexism? What sexism? I don’t see any sexism. You must be imagining things.

Conservative “pundit” and contributor to Fox “News” Eric Erickson is pissed at the thought that Hillary Clinton might run for president in a couple of years, because she’s so ugly.

“She’s going to be old!” Erickson noted. “I don’t know how far back they can pull her face!” he added.

“Can I say that on the air? I don’t know. Maybe I shouldn’t,” Erickson continued. “You know what I mean, though!” he added.

No, dude, go right ahead. Don’t be inhibited. Say what’s in your heart. Be authentic. If you’re grossed out by the thought of a woman who isn’t 18 and hot, be sure to say so. Any woman who isn’t 18 – or let’s be generous, let’s say any woman over 25 – and hot should be ashamed of herself for still existing.

Erickson then mixed up John McCain and Bob Dole and claimed that Democrats will call sexist attacks on Clinton — like, say, jokes about her being old and needing plastic surgery — bigoted because “every attack you could possibly level will [according to Democrats] be some phobia from the right if Hillary does get in.”

What I’m saying. All this palaver about sexism – how can it be sexist to point out how old and ugly Hillary Clinton is? It’s her fucking job to be young and hot, so it’s everyone’s duty to complain about it when she doesn’t do her job. Has she ever worked a day in her life? I’d like to see her put in a few hours selling risky mortgages for a change, like a real American.


  1. Maureen Brian says

    That’s the problem with being a woman. Until you’re forty-nine and a half you’re too young for all that responsibility, dear. Six weeks later and you’re too old!

  2. Emily Vicendese says

    “Any woman who isn’t 18 – or let’s be generous, let’s say any woman over 25 – and hot should be ashamed of herself for still existing.” Exactly, if it’s not at least 85% on the objective fuckability scale it’s a waste of resources and certainly not deserving of any positive attention for anything ever.

  3. jesse says

    It makes me remember something Carrie Fisher said during her “Wishful Drinking” show. Slightly paraphrased, “I was in my 20s and 30s then. Everyone’s hot in their 20s and 30s. Evidently for some fans I signed a contract to stay hot into my 50s.”

    Her situation is a bit different but the sexism is the same. Nobody complained that Martin Scorsese or Harrison Ford wasn’t hot at the age of 65. And last I checked nobody was taking about how un-fuckable Dick Cheney was (hey, if you’re into that sort of thing I’m not judging 🙂 ).

  4. lorn says

    Sounds to me like part of the usual double standard to me. If a woman is pretty and attractive she is seen as a sex object and unseriously. If she is not attractive, by dent of age or physiognomy, she is dismissed as not attractive enough. The bottom line is women are not allowed to win.

  5. karmacat says

    The Daily Show picked up on this a couple of weeks ago. It might have been brought up by Rush Limbaugh. The Daily Show then showed how Hilary Clinton would look like as she aged, but used pictures of McCain and eventually Limbaugh as the oldest.

  6. Blondin says

    Another example of industrial-strength cognitive dissonance. If you point out that nobody ever complained about Ronald Reagan’s looks or age you are accused of “playing the sexist card”.

    Similar to the way that, if you opine that George Zimmerman would be in jail now if Trayvon Martin had been a white kid, you are accused of “playing the race card”.

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