I’m trawling through Secular Pro-Life’s Facebook page. Look, if they’re going to be the boss of us now, we need to know a little more about them.

They want us to know they like baaaaaybeeeeeeeeez. They want us to know that so that we’ll feel guilty for being such baby-hating bad heartless evil people. So they let us know they donate diapers, and they show us photos of baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybeeeeeeeeeeeeez.

babiesNow, don’t you feel rotten?


  1. angharad says

    You know babies go through quite a lot of nappies, especially when they’re small. We used cloth ones for our first child and she regularly used 12 a day. The disposable ones can be changed less often because they are more absorbent, but even so, when you consider that a baby will need several nappies a day for two or more years those 10,000 nappies are enough for….three babies. Yep, three.

  2. highdudgeonaz says

    Rotten? No.

    A little peckish, yes.

    Say, are those free-range Christian babies? Baptismal water makes a really good marinade.

  3. Menyambal says

    I am glad those babies are all happy and healthy. I hope they have loving parents who can take good care of them without much more exploitation.

    I am glad that they do not yet have driving rights, or voting rights, and I hope that they never have the right to exploit women’s, or anyone’s, bodies.

    Good luck to us all.

  4. Blanche Quizno says

    No, but I think it’s rotten when people fill up landfills with earth-poisoning disposable diapers. If they’re going to be on the side of virtue and good, why aren’t those babies in cloth diapers? That’s what *I* used with MY two babies, and they were born in 1997 and 1999, so it wasn’t exactly the Dark Ages…but I’m not a Christian – perhaps THAT explains my conscience O_O

  5. ibbica says

    If they’re going to be on the side of virtue and good, why aren’t those babies in cloth diapers?

    Perhaps in part because that takes additional time and money that their parents might not have to spare?
    Perhaps they’re compostable disposables, that don’t require the use of clean(ish) water and cleansers? (…but OTOH do typically require a commercial-level compost facility in the area to handle them properly.)
    Perhaps their parents discovered that on the whole, cotton and disposable diapers seem to have remarkably similar environmental impacts?

    Sure, there are ways to reduce your environmental impact, should you choose to have children. But it’s never as cut-and-dry as a lot of folks seem to make it out to be :/

  6. says

    10 k diapers?
    At an average of 5 a day for an average of 2 years that’s enough for 2 babies.
    The fact that they now know the resources you need just to make sure their asses are covered should tell them something about the resources you need for actually bringing them up

  7. carlie says

    I think that anyone who is an anti-abortion activist should be forced to have a taped recording of a screaming baby played at 2-3 hour intervals in their presence, continually (nights too, of course) for as long as they are an activist (which includes voting for those kind of candidates, and even just telling someone that’s their opinion). Because that’s the beauty of the miracle of life, right there.

  8. iknklast says

    I’ll admit it – I don’t like babies. I do like children. Babies gurgle and coo, but they also just sort of lie there. You can enjoy them for a minute, but then, hand them back and move on. Children interact with you. They are excited about life. They run around and get into things and ask really important questions that they really want to know the answer to; in short, children are natural scientists, and I love interacting with them. They have the curiosity and the ability to understand a lot more than we give them credit for.

    I do not propose, however, that we should be giving birth to unwanted babies just so we can have more children. Babies are a real serious issue that a parent has to deal with. If they’re not up to dealing with it, or if they don’t want to deal with it, they won’t do a good job no matter how many diapers are donated. It’s hard enough to raise a child you desperately want (as I know from experience). An unwanted child often has a horrible life ahead of them (as I also know from experience). The last thing we need are lots more unwanted children, even if they’re clothed in diapers donated by people who want the babies born but aren’t the ones that have to raise them.

  9. Onamission5 says

    I love babies.

    Still not going to tell anyone else they are required to birth one.
    Still not going to tell anyone else they are required to do as I have done and donate their adult years to the care and feeding of young ones, rather than focus on themselves.
    Still not going to tell someone else that my love of babies overrides their hopes, dreams, fears, or circumstances.
    Still not my decision to make for anyone but myself.

    Re: diapers: I’ve done both cloth and disposables. With my first I didn’t have a washer and dryer, laundromats don’t allow the laundering of dirty diapers so had to use a service, which was thankfully a shower gift but still cost the gifter about $100/mo back in 1991, and when I ran out of cloth there I was, washing shit covered diapers in the bath tub.

    After my second got a stubborn rash from her cloth diapers, I switched, and I will never feel superior to disposable diaper users again. Besides which? Most day cares don’t allow cloth. Some decisions get made for us.

  10. Amy Clare says

    Diapers just make me think of stinky baby turds, which kind of takes the edge off the cuteness.

  11. estraven says

    I have two grown children. I loved them both as babies, as little kids, as adolescents (yes! really!) and love them as adults. In between the two of them, I had an abortion, which I have never regretted, felt bad or guilty about, or been depressed over. No agonizing, no angst. The crap these pro-fetus types peddle makes me so angry.

    As for diapers, used disposables for the first one, switched to a diaper service for the second. Had no washer/dryer for the first, couldn’t afford a service. The only strong feelings I have about the issue manifest themselves when people leave soiled disposable diapers as litter!

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