The hyenas are prowling

Good job, Hemant.

Kristine Kruszelnicki of course is the “secular” anti-abortion rights person who wrote that guest post at Friendly Atheist.



Kristine Kruszelnicki shared a link

Justin Vacula just wrote to congratulate me on being PZ Myer’s “Witch of the Week”. I get to be trashed on PZ’s blog for the second time. Yay! (Free publicity at least?)

Of course he did. He is worried about disunity among the atheists.


  1. ChasCPeterson says

    She’s confused: this designation comes only from Vacula’s fetid imagination.

    (why the scare-quotes for ‘secular’?)

  2. Stacy says

    1) Pretend PZ’s post was about trashing you (as opposed to countering your ridiculous argument.)

    2) Ignore said argument.

    3) Call it a win.

    Who says people incapable of sound and rational argument can’t be Skeptics? It’s easy peasy!

    (Cross-posted from Facebook.)

  3. Al Dente says

    Getting Justin Vacula’s congratulations ranks with getting a Prisoner of the Week Award at the county jail.

  4. says

    Damn. She noticed the bit where I said we need to strap her to a stake and set her on fire.

    But she’s wrong. Elvira is always my witch of the week.

  5. says

    Oh, wait. Maybe I should designate her as witch of the week for this abomination: “Myer’s”. Why would a person named “Kruszelnicki” have such problems spelling a name that is only 5 letters long?

  6. Blanche Quizno says

    Here’s the problem. The label “pro-choice” has been demonized by the nation’s “religion based on love” and its hateful, warmongering, bigoted members – Christians. Who will tell you how much they love you while defining you as an entire person solely on the basis of whatever your “sin” is that they hate. But I already digress.

    Want to find out who’s REALLY “pro-life”? Ask them if they are in favor of outlawing abortion. Period. No abortions allowed under any circumstances. None. Nein. Nyet. Nada. It’s a simple yes or no question – no need for lengthy discussions. Yes or no, pro-lifers?

    You’ll see just how pro-choice those pro-lifers really are. Almost all of them want to reserve the woman’s right to choose in certain situations (typically rape, incest, baby-incubator’s life in danger). That makes them pro-choice, the same way a person’s lack of believing in god(s) makes that person an atheist. Regardless of whether s/he finds the label distasteful.

    And if you want to poke them with a stick just a bit more, you know, just for the fun of it, ask them what the penalty for having an abortion ought to be. It’s “murder”, right? So should the formerly pregnant women who chose to have abortions get the death penalty? Or should their sentence be more like manslaughter, even though it wasn’t necessarily a man they were slaughtering, of course – it would have to be voluntary, obviously – so anywhere from 3-11 years? That’s fair, right? For slutty murderous whores?

  7. Blanche Quizno says

    *le sigh* Can anyone explain to me what’s going on here? Are we mad at Hemant Mehta for allowing this harpie free publicity for her horrid views? Or do we LIKE the harpie and we’re mad at PZ Meyers for calling her a nasty-name-that-can-only-be-supremely-nasty-if-it’s-inherently-female-in-nature-rhymes-with-“snitch”?

    Are we happy that Hemant Mehta got one of these anti-women crazies to actually articulate her crazy so that all could recoil in horror at the sight?

    Are we mad at somebody or other for trying to force all atheists into a box with the contents written clearly on the outside? Who doesn’t allow dissenting viewpoints, and should I move my PC so I can have my back against the wall?


  8. Blanche Quizno says

    I’m serious – I would really, REALLY appreciate it if someone could explain to me what’s going on here and who’s mad about what and supporting what and whom and whatnot.

  9. Woo_Monster, Sniffer of Starfarts says

    chigau (違う),

    “ZP Myer’s” “ZP Meyer’s
    I sit corrected.


  10. says


    I’m fucking angry at Kristine K. (And the rest of the forced-birth crowd. For obvious I-have-a-uterus reasons.)

    I’m irritated and disappointed at Hemant for giving her a platform.

    And I’m quite frustrated with Terry Firma, for defending the decision to post it, and for being dismissive of peoples’ anger at having their basic human rights discussed like some kind of hypothetical and ignoring the fact that, for half the population, it’s reality.

    But, you know, I can only speak for myself and my feelings on the matter(s). Your Mileage May Vary.

  11. A. Noyd says

    If any species would be universally in favor of abortions, it’s hyenas. Spotted ones, anyway. Imagine if your clitoris resembled a penis and you had to push babies out of it. Fuck that, right? And they’re matriarchal, so no worries about the hyena dudes getting up in lady hyenas’ business. It would be abortions on demand and c-sections for any hyena who opted to actually engage in motherhood.

  12. says

    Blanche – it’s what Kitty said, plus the fact that Justin Vacula has a long history of harassing several of us, even including doing fundraisers in order to attend conferences where we’re speaking, for the sake of harassing us.

  13. Silentbob says

    @ 16 Blanche Quizno

    “Good job, Hemant” and “He is worried about disunity among the atheists” from the OP are sarcasm.

    The OP assumes you know who Vacula is. He’s a notorious anti-feminist who’s devoted a lot of time and energy to attacking and harassing Ophelia and PZ. Anti-feminists often criticize feminists in the atheist community for being “divisive”.

    We are mad at the anti-choicers and at Hemant for giving them a platform.
    Vacula is siding with the anti-choicers only because he hates PZ and “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”.
    Ophelia is sarcastically congratulating Hemant for attracting “the hyenas” (anti-feminists).

  14. Wylann says

    On thing. I don’t know if Blanche was doing it to be ironic/sarcastic or not, but harpy/harpie as a name calling point is almost as bad as bitch/cunt, in most parts of the civilized world, I would think.

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